Multiuser Server V400

The center of a Revox multiuser system is the V400 multiuser server. It supplies all room amplifiers V219 and multiuser modules with the associated streams and coordinates the operation of apps or house controls the enclosed mounting bracket can be installed safely and easily. The V400 is only one height unit high and has fan-controlled temperature monitoring. The V400 runs all applications and services that the multiuser system provides; e.g. the services for the music server, AirPlay, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal or Internet radio. The configuration is done with the Multiuser Configurator from Revox via a browser, preferably Chrome, and includes all settings that are necessary for operation.The Multiuser Server V400 brings the following extraordinary features in addition to the usual server.

Airplay1 Integration
One AirPlay source is available per user, which can be individually renamed via the app. User password protection Introduction of a password protection function for user profiles. If protection is activated, the user profile cannot be freely changed.
A maximum of 30 users are provided per server in hotel mode. As soon as the hotel mode is activated (more than 8 users), the Spotify and AirPlay services are deactivated so that the server is not overloaded. For further information on the hotel license, please contact your sales partner.
New and esay license model
In the future, only licenses for users will be managed. A user license then contains the authorization for all sources provided by the multiuser system (online radio, music server, AirPlay, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal). In addition, there will be a hotel license, which will then unlock the hotel mode. Two user licenses are already included in the sales price of the V400 for free!
New Remote Access to V400 
The Revox V400 also has remote access, which allows remote access to the configurator, the Multiuser Web App, the monitor view and all settings in the user interface.
New User Interface
The Revox V400 Multiuser Server offers its own user interface with a particularly good representation of the configuration and operating options.
Log function
The V400 has a system and Revox software log function for detailed diagnostics.

Technical data:

Dimensions(BxHxT)  438 x 44 x 256 mm
Weight3,6 kgL
Power consumption 6 Watt typ
.Heat emission 20 BTU/hr
Power supply  100 – 240 V AC / 50-60 Hz
Humidity 5 – 95 % RH
USB-connection  4 x USB 3.0
LAN-connection  2 x LAN RJ-45 Gigabit (only Port 1 useable)



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Current software version of the V400: vom 20.06.2020