UPDATE STUDIOART from 11.08.2021

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The S100 Audiobar automatically receives its new software when the device is restarted. In any case, make sure that your network (WLAN / LAN) is accessible at the time of the restart. If an A100 room speaker is wirelessly connected to the Audiobar S100 as a surround back loudspeaker or as an additional loudspeaker to an A100, it cannot participate in a software update because it is not itself connected to the network via WLAN / LAN. You have two options: 

1. You switch off the main speaker (S100 or A100) completely. With the S100 Audiobar you can do this by pressing and holding the power button on the remote control, the LED then lights up RED. The connection to the surround or additional loudspeaker is automatically disconnected. You can now update it by restarting the device - assuming a network connection. 

2. In the STUDIOART app (Setup / Connect / Disconnect loudspeakers) remove the A100 as a connected loudspeaker. You can now update it by restarting the device - assuming a network connection. After the update, it can then be integrated again as an additional loudspeaker or rear loudspeaker. The main loudspeaker does not have to be switched off beforehand for this option.

Innovations through the STUDIOART Update S100 Audiobar
 (Processor (MCU host) V62)

fixed: under certain circumstances no sound after starting with preset 
fixed: volume sometimes to 0 after switching on 
fixed: Switching to TV as the source does not work if a different source was heard before switching off and the S100 was woken up via the TV.

Innovations through the STUDIOART Update A100 Room Speaker
 (Processor (MCU Host) V38)

  Improved the Bluetooth connection after starting the A100


B100 Update Instructions

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